Food Photography

The art of beautiful food photography combines the skill of lighting, composition and technical expertise. There are many things to consider when approaching a food shoot, a lot of clients like to have a daylight look to give this impression of a realistic environment. This can be achieved with daylight itself or with flash and/or tungsten lighting to give more controlled light whilst maintaining the impression of a realistic environment. Whether it's sunlight or lighting, food photography is conceptual and allows for creativity in a different ways such as colour, choice of props and presentation. As a viewer we know that the situation we are looking at is not real, but the shot still makes the food look great.

Food can also be challenging to work with if. Setting up a shot before the final food is placed on set and testing repeatedly allows time to perfect the desired result first. We often work alongside specialist food stylists who will source and prepare the best ingredients. Carefully selecting the right ingredients is a must, it's not uncommon to go through a whole bag of lemons or mint leaves until the most perfect one is found!

Whether it's meals dished up in a restaurant on location or carefully styled studio shots at our London photography studios, we have the recipe for the best results!

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