Plenty of room here! Studio Set Build Photography

Getting the right setting for a product is key for the look and feel of the shot. We often source location houses which are great for providing a range of settings and furnishings for the job however we also provide a service where room sets can be built in house in our North London Studios. This gives the client total control to wallpaper or paint to any colour/ design. Flooring and props are carefully planned and ordered in and the set transforms into a realistic room.

All 3 sets were planned and built before the shoot so that on the day we could dedicate maximum time to lighting and perfecting each image. A freelance stylist was on board to source the props and carefully position each item to perfection. We shoot fresh new imagery for Bisque each year for their brochures and it is always a fantastic feeling to see our work in print! We look forward to more upcoming film and photography projects with Bisque this year so keep your eyes on our blog and instagram for all the news and check out Bisques new website @

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