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Shower company Aqualisa have been a fantastic client of ours over the past year. Due to a website re-launch the brand needed a fresh, new series of photography to give the website context and visual stimulation for their consumers. This included creative product photography, packshot images, videography of new products and photography of the manufacturing process. Here at RGB Digital we have the space and equipment to facilitate a wide range of photography and videography projects, both in house or on location.

The first series of images were shot using high-speed flash to produce some creative advertising product imagery. This method can take a lot of trial and error to get the right shot, but when you do get that perfect splash the hard work definitely pays off!.

In addition to our full frame shots, we produced a series of images that were cropped to use as website banners. You can see how such a crop changes the look of the shot dramatically! In order to create the right composition to fit the frame a careful approach to the styling and use of props was essential. We even created room sets in the studio to resemble realistic bathroom settings.

To add to the personality of the brand we shot a range of images on location at the Aqualisa factory to show the manufacturing and customer service process, from the design of the products to customer care.

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